Blockchain can help to fight with mental health issue see how?

 Mental health has become an increasingly important topic in society, and there are many new avenues being explored to improve mental health outcomes. One approach that has shown promise in recent years is blockchain technology. Although somewhat unexpected, there are some potential applications of blockchain that could contribute to better mental health outcomes.

         One of the biggest concerns regarding mental health is ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure. Patients who suffer from mental health conditions may feel hesitant to share personal information with providers or insurers due to fears of discrimination or lack of privacy. By using blockchain, personal information can be kept secure using cryptographically secure network protocols. Thus, those suffering from mental health conditions could benefit from this technology to help control who has access to their data. Adweek

Blockchain-based systems can generate financial incentives for mental health research and treatment. With the help of blockchain, money can be more easily and transparently tracked and distributed among different funders. By utilizing blockchain for micro-investing (fractional investments) in different mental health projects, patients could have increased access to cutting-edge research and treatments.

Blockchain may also be used for advanced telemedicine. Patients could connect remotely with their mental health practitioners for support and coaching. Patients could feel more relaxed thereby, eliminating the need of face-to-face meetings that may have stigma around them.  Rather than worrying about the stigma of visiting a mental health clinic, remote consultations via a secure Blockchain-based chat or videochat solution would enable anonymous and encrypted conversations to occur from the privacy and comfort of a patient’s own home.

In conclusion, there are various potential applications of blockchain that could help improve mental health outcomes. From providing enhanced security for sensitive patient information to increased transparency and funding for research, blockchain technology brings hope and new possibilities to those seeking better mental health.

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